bank structure


It is a state-owned financial institution that provides comprehensive financial services.

and develop SMEs business capabilities for sustainable success



Mission : THAI

♥ T = Total Solution means an important mechanism for the ecosystem to develop the potential of Thai SMEs in order to access funding sources and support business operations in a comprehensive manner.
◄ ♥ H = Human Capital means enhancing the skills and abilities of personnel to keep pace with changes. to focus on excellent service with good governance
♥ A I = Agility and Innovation means raising the level of management with knowledge, technology and innovation. to deliver value to customers and stakeholders quickly and easily

. SMEDS Corporate Values
S (Synergy = Coordinate)
M (Morality = adhere to ethics)
E (Efficiency = Responding to Value )
D (Development = continuous development)
S (Service Excellence = excellence in service)



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