CSR of the year 2019

SME Bank participated in the Kathin ceremony for the year 2019 at Wat Riew Wa, Ang Thong Province.

Mr. Kobchai Sangsitthisawat Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Industry as the Chairman of the Bank Ms. Nartnaree Rattapat, Deputy Managing Director Acting Managing Director, Executives and Employees of Enterprise Development Bank Small and Medium Enterprises of Thailand (SME Bank) or SME D Bank
Join to donate four factors to make merit. and co-hosted the 2019 Kathina Ceremony to contribute to the restoration of the monks’ cloisters and a dilapidated seat at Wat Riew Wa, Ban Phran Sub-district, Shungha District, Ang Thong Province, which is considered to be a good tradition inherited from ancient times. causing the stability of Buddhism to develop permanently Including supporting the temple to be a learning center for the Dharma discipline. It is the center of the people in organizing ceremonies on important days. In continuation of Buddhism, at the same time, donated 28 scholarships to students at Wat Riew Wa Community School at Wat Riew Wa, Ban Phran Sub-district, Sappha District, Ang Thong Province.
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