Entrepreneur Qualifications Eligible for Service

Definition of small and medium enterprises
1. Small and medium enterprises mean juristic persons or natural persons. business with no more than 200 employees or no more than 500 million baht in annual income or no more than 200 million baht in fixed assets excluding land, such as manufacturing Service business, wholesale business, retail business Businesses that are agro-industrial with the use of appropriate technology in the business or other types of businesses Related that meets one of the criteria as well


2. Other businesses or other conditions as specified by the Board of Directors from February 23, 2022 onwards

enterprise size

Amount of income/year

Micro Enterprise (MICRO) Income not exceeding 1.8 million baht/year
Small Enterprise (SE) Income over 1.8 million baht but not over 100 million baht/year
Medium Enterprises (ME) Revenue over 100 million baht

from February 23, 2022 onwards

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