‘Fern Rimtarn Resort’ check-in is natural from the first step you experience. SME D Bank adds additional capital to enhance marketing. Side by side to help overcome the effects of COVID-19


Green heart ready to drive business “Fern Rimtarn Resort”, Mae Hong Son Province, was established with the concept of ecotourism. (Eco-Tourism) arises from joint venture capital from the government’s venture capital fund. According to the policy of spreading prosperity to the region in 1992 to create a good living for the people in the community. Along with cultivating awareness of preserving nature and the environment. which is not pinned on only people in the community alone but also tourists Those who step into this place

The important person who is the driving force is Mr. Thawatchai Namthipakorn, executive of Fern Rimtarn Company Limited, which operates hotels, resorts, and accommodations for nature lovers. Telling about the beginning of entering the business, it was due to the desire to see investment in accommodation to support tourism in Mae Hong Son province. that has a unique local style It is consistent with nature and the environment. By giving to locals and communities got involved and saw the potential of this area It was originally a rice farming area for the villagers in the area. Therefore decided to invest in building a residence. Under the concept of ecotourism In order to serve the group of customers who love nature and are interested in local culture and traditions, “Fern Rim Tarn Resort” was born, which has existed until today for more than 30 years.

The highlight of “Fern Rim Tarn Resort” is the development of over 18 rai of former rice fields into a forest home for nature lovers. By planting various types of trees and plants. that is local wood To provide a habitat for many types of birds and animals that naturally exist. To be suitable for resting the body and mind But if you want to do hiking and bird watching activities, you can step out of your accommodation. To admire nature up close immediately Not only that, but also continue the activities. Agriculture grows rice. Vegetable plants under Concept of organic agriculture so that customers can consume safe food Organize rice planting activities on Mother’s Day and rice harvesting on Father’s Day every year for tourists to participate. Be aware and love the environment To give local people the opportunity to participate in the project. All employees are Shan and Karen people who are members of the community, totaling approximately 30 people, creating careers and income for them to have a better life. As a result, from the first period there were 7 houses to test the market. To date, we have more than 35 accommodations available.

Most customer groups will be a tourist that come from around the world Both Europe and the United States who want to rest touch with nature By focusing on creating learning about local matters. Natural environment, conservation for tourists

“To get the target group of tourists who are passionate about nature and the environment, the resort has provided only the necessary amenities in the rooms, without TVs or unnecessary amenities. So that customers can spend time with nature and participate in various natural activities. Although currently providing WIFI signal service, which foreign tourists are very interested in and are more than 80% of the resort’s customers, and now Thai tourists are starting to come. It makes us aware that there are many Thai people who like this kind of tourism as well,” Mr. Thawatchai stated.


Currently, “Fern Rim Tarn Resort” has a total of 35 houses. The construction style of all accommodation buildings has the local architectural style of Mae Hong Son. Emphasis on bringing in the wisdom of local people. Let’s create a space that gives guests a sense of privacy. The tourists will travel to use the service during October-February. Then there was a long break because the summer season started. And the European market returns again this month. July-August

“Doing a tourism business will have a low season. in the summer Problems with smog and forest fires have quite an impact. But we have to retain our employees. Or during the COVID situation, the business closed for 2 years but couldn’t afford to abandon it. The cost remains the same. At that time it was considered a difficult situation for the tourism and hotel business.”


Predictable situation Unprepared for COVID-19 that happened, I admit that it was a new period that many people thought would take a long time to resolve. I myself thought so. I thought it would only be affected for 2-3 months, so I used that time to invest. Apply for a loan from the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand or SME D Bank to improve your business to support tourism. But the situation was not as expected.

When the COVID-19 crisis It takes longer than 2-3 years. The income that was previously received is lost. Contrary to expenses that are still continuing. This  creates great concern. But due to being a continuous customer of SME D Bank, both finances have been brought into the measure. Relaxation of debt payments Along with helping with public relations and enhancing marketing, executives regularly stop by to visit and give encouragement without fail. It’s called not really abandoning entrepreneurs.


And when the COVID-19 situation is resolved, “Fern Rim Tarn Resort” will be able to resume business according to the set compass. With the idea of helping people in the community and the environment, with SME D Bank alongside the ongoing business. Help us continue to grow, creating a strong and sustainable community. Reflected from the results of the Thailand Tourism Award, Excellence level resort accommodation from the Tourism Authority of Thailand. and received the Green Accommodations award, Gold Class level, from the Department of Environmental Quality Promotion. and the Outstanding Business Governance Award at the provincial level from Department of Business Development Ministry of Commerce

business trends Currently, tourism is under the ecological concept. Competitors are almost invisible Because investments under this concept are rather investments that take a long time to pay back capital. And it is a business that requires a lot of passion and determination. After COVID-19 has subsided, tourists have come back to lively again. Open your heart and want to experience more nature. Especially Thai people The number of room reservations is about 20%, partly due to tourism stimulus from the government.


“The average number of tourists per year is approximately 7,000-10,000 people. Room prices are approximately 1,500 – 2,000 baht      (can accommodate 2 people) with breakfast coming from our own organic farming plot. The activities are free of charge. Customers who want to go hiking can walk on their own. There may be a fee for the park. The walking route takes 2-4 hours. For tourists who don’t like hiking, There’s also a swimming pool,  Yoga House, Rice Terrace Bar for watching the sunset, Coffee @ Fern, a coffee shop that uses locally grown coffee beans. Come to serve or want to eat, we have a restaurant to serve all 3 meals.”


“I do business by Starting with ideas, ideals, intentions, aspirations, preferences, dreams without using returns as a determinant of investment. Do what you like love what you do which if done with determination In the end, the money will follow. Another important thing is to be Investing responsibly towards nature, the environment, society, community and the nation, having ethics, morality, and being responsible for the duties of a good entrepreneur. It is considered a basic principle that every entrepreneur must be aware of. The next part is never stopping learning. Follow and lead yourself to fill Always have various knowledge, always participate in activities organized by the government and private sectors, and most importantly, you must do everything yourself. Build experience from the job site,” Mr. Thawatchai concluded.


Contact Fern Rim Than Company Limited.

64 Village No. 10 Ban Hua Nam Mae Sakud, Pha Bong Subdistrict

Mueang District, Mae Hong Son Province 58000

Telephone 053-686-110-1

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