“Mae La Pla Pao”, a restaurant in Muang Sing Standing number one with no SME D Bank branches, replenishing capital, renovating, upgrading the 40-year legend.


              Saw a “giant glass bottle” standing on the Asian road. You will know immediately that you have arrived in Singburi Province, along with knowing that This is the coordinates of the restaurant. “Mae La Pla Pao” that has been around Singburi for more than 40 years, which is able to maintain its quality And there is continuous upgrading of the store. Even during the COVID-19 situation It still hasn’t stopped developing. Moving forward to turn the crisis into a business opportunity with SME D Bank, the bank for Thai SMEs. Side by side, supporting closely

Khun Pong-Suphanich Pringprom, 2nd generation heir who runs the shop. “Mae La Pla Pao” today tells the story of the beginning that her father was a Singburi person. Mother is from Phuket. Together we pioneered a restaurant. Using the Phuket grilled fish recipe Come open a restaurant named “Pla Pao Phuket” is in the Lat Phrao area. which was highly successful It was a famous shop at that time. But because the owner Increase the rent Make your father decide Move back to your hometown Opened a restaurant on his own land, using the name “La River” which is a river that flows through Sing Buri Province, and combining the restaurant’s signature menu, “Pao Pla”, which became the name of the restaurant. “Mae La Pla Pao”



“Originally, the grilled fish menu at the old restaurant used the ingredient “sea bass,” but when we moved to open the restaurant in Singburi, Locally, there are many fresh, good quality “snakehead fish” in the La River. So father tried to burn snakehead fish instead. But because snakehead fish is quite fishy, Father uses a method to smoke the snakehead fish with coconut husks. This method makes the fish meat not have a fishy smell. It also helps make the fish meat white, juicy, and have a unique, exotic, and unique aroma. It has become a famous menu item at the restaurant. Known to people all over the country,” Khun Pong tells the story of the origin of the restaurant’s famous menu.



As for the giant glass bottle in front of the store that is like a landmark in Singburi Province, it comes from Father. He is a thinker and inventor. and want to create value for leftover glass bottles in the store In the past, they could only sell for 1 salung each, so he put them together and stacked them together to make a giant bottle. So that customers can easily notice the entrance to the store. It has become a point of interest, attracting customers, and is also a symbol that people remember well when they arrive in Singburi Province. At present, the giant glass bottle seen is the third one, with a height of more than 50 meters. The cover was made from the first giant bottle and 2 respectively

Creating and improving giant glass bottles It is one example that reflects well the concept of running a restaurant business of Mae La Pla Pao, who is always ready to upgrade and develop herself. To be able to grow and insist on moving the store forward to win the hearts of customers over time for more than 40 years



                 “There is a saying from my father that ‘I’ll take his money. We have to invest’, causing us to adjust ourselves all the time. Whether it’s improving the location, service, food menu, even during COVID-19. That is considered a serious period. Customers cannot sit and eat food at the restaurant. The  income is almost zero. We never stop making the store better. Using the opportunity when the shop had to close to develop the interior, such as adding a coffee shop zone. Renovate the store to be modern. and organize the work system within the store and when the Covid situation is resolved We were able to get back to business immediately. It allows our shop to recover quickly,”  Khun Supanich stated.

All this in order to fulfill the needs of developing Mr. Pong’s store to meet the goals. The Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME) or SME D Bank has come to support additional capital during the COVID-19 situation. This  provides sufficient liquidity to develop the store and, importantly, is able to maintain employment for a total of more than 60 employees.




“The staff of SME D Bank, Singburi branch, take good care of them. They come to help replenish the capital so that they can renovate the store as they want to do, including when the bank has help or any new support projects, they will come and communicate continuously,” Mr. Pong revealed. Impressed with SME D Bank, the bank for Thai SMEs.



Even though the shop is famous nationally But the owner of the store said he has no desire to expand the branch. or sell franchises in any way  Because we intend to make this one and only original shop the best it can be. As for various restaurants which used the name Mae La Pla Pao I don’t see it as a competitor at all. On the contrary, I think it will be beneficial in creating options for consumers. Which in the end Good quality will be the final answer. Which shop will customers choose to use?



“We intend to make this restaurant the best it can be, doing only good things for customers, providing sincere service, fresh food, and always developing the menu. Don’t want customers to be bored. In which we have to compete with ourselves. In order to take care of the quality of everything as best as possible To make customers as satisfied as possible, therefore our true competitor is ourselves,” concludes Mr. Pong.


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