“Mae Noi” curry paste, an authentic recipe from the northern region. SME D Bank adds energy to upgrade from fresh market to modern trade.

Delicious curry paste, “Mae Noi” brand, an original northern recipe that has been with Chiang Rai people for more than 40 years. Today, it has grown into a nationally famous product. When the business heir Come join in and expand. with production standards and never stop developing products to be diverse and new. Driving to expand the market both through modern trade And it is a popular souvenir as well as being exported abroad. Importantly, this business helps create jobs. and create happiness for people in the community Got to work in my hometown with SME D Bank, the bank for Thai SMEs. Reinforce the army and give it strength to move forward according to the business plan.

Go back to last year. 1976 “Nuannoi Thanthongpaiboon” or “Mae Noi” works as a vendor selling curry paste in the fresh market of Chiang Rai province with excellent taste. From special recipes and unique tips Mae Noi curry paste sells well and has become a famous brand in the market. and also wholesale to various shops in the local area

Mae Noi curry paste has been elevated from being sold in fresh markets to being a national product. When the business heir “Benjawan Phatthamkul” the daughter who has been involved with helping her mother sell curry paste in the fresh market since childhood. and graduated in food science with her husband “Phanu Phatthamkul” who came to help continue the family career in 1992, from producing in a household style. and retail and wholesale at home In the local fresh market Towards processing into curry paste in vacuum packaging in order to expand the market even further Ready to raise the level of business management under the name of a legal entity, Phaben Foods Company Limited, and create the brand “Mae Noi”

“Fresh scoop of curry paste. Can’t keep for long This made it impossible to sell to distant areas.  At that time, in the northern region, there were no standardized curry paste producers. So we tried producing curry paste in vacuum packaging. Clean and can be stored for a long time. It is the first owner of the northern region. Then go and offer it for sale at various wholesale shops. This allows the market to expand wider from only in Mueang Chiang Rai District. It expanded to the outer districts. and further to nearby provinces Ready to improve the production process, build a factory and bring in machinery for use in production,” Panu tells about coming to expand the business.


By emphasizing the importance of standards as the highest priority. Even though it is an SME entrepreneur, Mae Noi curry paste ”There are international production and product standards. Exportable levels, such as FDA, GMP, and Halal, etc., provide opportunities to continuously expand the market. Especially bringing products to sell through modern trade. It was considered a turning point causing sales to grow leaps and bounds.

“Sending products to modern trade department stores It is both an opportunity and a challenge. Due to having to adapt severely In order to raise every aspect of the business to appropriately meet the criteria of modern trade and the needs of the market throughout the country, I admit that the first year was very difficult. because they have to bear increased production costs Both stocking products Invest in machinery and wages that have doubled But when the product started to become popular together with the development of productivity (productivity) and there are new products coming out continuously. Supporting the improvement of operating results accordingly,” Panu explained.


Benjawan added that Mae Noi curry paste It has the distinctive feature of being an authentic northern curry recipe. that preserves the traditional flavor But served in a new look that is clean, safe and up to standard. Makes it suitable to buy as souvenirs for tourists. When visiting the northern provinces At the same time, people from all regions who want authentic northern curry paste Whether it’s Nam Ngiao curry paste, Anglay curry paste, Khao Soi curry paste, etc., you can easily buy and use them to cook your own food.

At the same time, we always use the same basic expertise to create new products. An example of success is “Mala Curry Paste” which has seen a trend becoming more and more popular in Thailand, so it has been trialled and produced to the market. By using machinery and existing raw materials It was used to develop a flavor recipe that was expected to please Thai people. It appears that nowadays Mae Noi brand Mala curry paste is It’s a best-selling product. until production cannot keep up with market demand

Ideas to continue creating new products are always present. Mae Noi curry paste There are more than 40 types of products. Selling all over the country Through famous modern trade, souvenir shops and various online channels, they are producing over 4-5 tons of curry paste per day. and uses over 14-15 tons of spices per month. with the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand or SME D Bank, Chiang Rai branch Come in to strengthen and support growth Through various loan products, it helps increase liquidity in business operations, including upgrading investment to increase production capacity. Helps the business move forward as planned without interruption.

Traveling to expand the Mae Noi curry paste business More than 30 years The pride of Panu and Benjawan  is to continue the career pioneered by their mother. To stand as the pillar to build a career. Help support people in their local communities to find work, with more than 110 workers. Living together like family More than 90% are local residents. Both Thai people and Thai mountain people Worked in my hometown No need to move to work in the city Helps to have a better quality of life.

“I want our business to be a small but powerful SME. Consumers can be confident that receive great value from standard products There is continuous product development. When our company can operate stably  Will be able to return to taking the best care of employees. which we both always thought that the business has been able to reach today Because every employee helps each other, so we want to take care of them the best we can,” Panu concluded.



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