“Nakatara Resort” the ultimate vacation next to Kwan Phayao Lake. SME D Bank is by your side in every business moment. Add funds to develop and move forward towards sustainability


“Nakatara Resort” is an accommodation with a great atmosphere next to “Kwan Phayao” Lake, Mueang District, Phayao Province. It is a charm that attracts tourists both inside and outside the area. Travel to relax Help raise local room rates. and create jobs in the area, with the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand or SME D Bank beside every business moment. By replenishing capital and adding knowledge Support moving forward towards sustainability

“Thanawat Kiattisakkamjai”, owner of the accommodation business “Nakatara Resort” located in Mueang District, Phayao Province, has been disappointed with the accommodation business in the past. But that experience made me more cautious about investing in new work.

“I used to run a resort business in Pong District, Phayao Province, and learned about the problems. In terms of location and service, even though it’s beautiful and peaceful, it’s true. But it’s not attached to the tourist attractions that most people know. Therefore it is difficult to promote and also run a restaurant business at the same time. Taking care of the resort is not complete. After doing it for 5-6 years, I realized that I could not continue. So we decided to sell the business,” Mr. Thanawat recalled his experience in running a resort business.

“Stop” is the answer given to this business.

Until there was an owner of a plot of land. Excellent beautiful location, next to “Kwan Phayao” which is a large freshwater lake. beautiful scenery Abundant nature It is one of the tourist attractions that attract people to stop by continuously. By contacting to inquire about your interest from Mr. Thanawat. To invest in the resort business again


“When I saw the location, it was like I saw an opportunity. Its strong point is that it is next to important tourist attractions. and is in a position to clearly see the scenery No competitors at the same level Therefore decided to rent the land for the long term. and built a resort with 16 rooms, using an investment of tens of millions of baht,” Mr. Thanawat recalled the reason for returning to the resort business again.

With a relatively high investment figure Need to look for funding sources to support The Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME) or SME D Bank is the first financial institution that comes to mind. Because since the beginning of the business journey, it was a restaurant located in Pong District. It received funding support from SME D Bank until it grew successfully until today. When it’s time to start a new business, SME D Bank is trusted to support funding from the beginning as well.


“SME D Bank is a financial institution that knows what business people need and is ready to support those things, whether it be capital. Especially recommending the process of applying for a loan. This one is considered very good. Because looking at it from the point of view of someone who has never done business, they don’t know the process, but SME D Bank is like a friend giving advice. It’s called helping right from the beginning of the loan. Not only in the area of good knowledge and information. What is beneficial to SME entrepreneurs? Always ready to give I have always traveled to gain knowledge to develop my own business.”

Smart entrepreneur Continued to tell about the advantages of the outstanding location. It is a great opportunity for building accommodations and services. For tourists who focus on relaxation, targeting families. While most rooms in Phayao Province Will compete on price without overlooking the creation of added value in services.


Kwan Phayao is like a large lung. Like nature lovers For this reason, both Thai and foreign tourists continue to come. Especially during the rainy season until winter. Looking at it, we can create additional value by providing quality service. in order to raise the price level This is therefore considered to be tearing the market apart.

A good location is more than half the battle. Because not long after it started, tourists contacted us to reserve rooms. Word of mouth spread widely through social media. including reviews from real guests, check-in, and the customer base began to expand making Nagatara Resort quickly become widely known.


Communities can survive, businesses can survive. is the idea of doing business with Thanawat. Therefore, in terms of all labor So they are local people. By developing additional service skills when you have a career, earn an income, and work in your hometown. Helps improve the quality of life.


With the potential of the location plus customer needs The future is therefore planned. By specifying that you can come to one place for both rest and relaxation. Immerse yourself in nature Not only that, they are also preparing to fill the restaurant section. Plus fun activities, happiness and knowledge. Under the warm atmosphere at this place “Nakatara Resort”

contact :

“Nakatara Resort”

Address 608 Village No. 14, Ban Tom Subdistrict

Mueang District, Phayao Province 56000

Telephone: 054-430-838

Website : www.nagatararesort.com

Facebook: NAGA TARA Resort

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