“Pansuk Food and Farm” is a meeting point for sweet lovers. Country atmosphere, SME D Bank side by side building a business to become a tourism landmark.



Popularity of Hua Hin tourism Along with the famous local Thai desserts in Muang Phet, especially “Khanom Mo Kaeng”, tourists pass by. I usually don’t miss out on buying souvenirs. creating a souvenir shop business Popping up in many places in the area. A store that will make tourists want to stop by and shop. Therefore, it must have a clear and distinctive identity, such as “Pansuk Food & Farm” (1,000Sook Food&Farm) that satisfies the needs. From the combination of beautiful and unusual plant designs. American-English Country style With delicious Thai desserts according to the original recipe. Complete with additional activities Create new options for service users Received good products and was happy with the beautiful atmosphere.


“Somsuk Sapapramai”, owner of Pansuk Food and Farm Saw the potential of local tourism. Initiated a souvenir shop project, Pansuk Food and Farm, on an area of 18 rai, located along Petchkasem Road, Km. 182, Don Khun Huai Subdistrict, Cha-am District, Phetchaburi Province. It was officially launched in December 2015, highlighting the point of selling souvenir products. Various types of Thai desserts that are prepared fresh every day. In particular, the indispensable hero is Khanom Mo Kaeng, which is baked using a charcoal oven, giving it a fragrant aroma and a sweet taste that isn’t too heavy.

Not only that, but also complete services with a restaurant and farm zone, so Pansuk is not just a souvenir shop. But it has become a landmark as a stopping point for tourists. to eat, buy souvenirs, as well as engage in resting activities and take memorable photos Picture of this success Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand or SME D Bank, Bank for Thai SMEs Been side by side since they were established until today.


“As it is a tourist province And it’s not too far from Bangkok. Both Thais and foreigners come to visit. And before leaving, he usually buys souvenirs to take with him. We therefore intend to make Pansuk a stopping point before returning to Bangkok.”


Good location next to Phetkasem Road. Inbound side Bangkok It is the location of Pansuk Food and Farm. Outstanding with European style architecture. It draws your eyes to turning the steering wheel to find out what this place has to offer.


Starting with the souvenir selling zone where there are various types of Thai desserts to choose from, such as Ba Bin Coconut Namhom. Pandan leaf dessert, palm sugar, coconut milk jelly, Thong Yip, Thong Yot, Foi Thong and what you can’t miss is Khanom Mor Kaeng, which has 24 flavors to choose from. Freshly prepared for customers to see. Meanwhile, the restaurant zone has a variety of menus to choose from, including Thai, Northeastern, European, and Japanese.

For those who want activities that bring smiles You can buy a ticket for 50 baht or purchase products for every 200 baht and receive a free ticket to visit the farm for 1 person and receive food to feed the cute animals, such as horses, sheep, rabbits, koi fish, and don’t forget to stop and take photos at the corner. various Beautifully arranged to capture good memories.

“Our main customers are Thai people. Therefore, the high season is the school break. That is, March to mid-June. and again around October In addition, there will be weekends on Saturdays and Sundays when tourists come all the time.”


With such comprehensive services Push for Pansuk Has gained high popularity Passing on benefits to local employment Only over 110 full-time employees.  During Saturday-Sunday. and public holidays There are students and children of regular employees who come to work. Create extra income for the family And in addition to supporting local workers, various raw materials are also selected from growers and producers in the province, such as palm sugar, duck eggs, taro, bananas, durian, etc.


“Pansuk has grown to where it is today for about 8 years. I believe that this success does not come from us alone. But it comes from employees, farmers, customers, and what cannot be overlooked is the source of funds. SME D Bank is considered a bank that has been alongside the happy family since the beginning. There will be products to support business operations, such as tourism loans. Invest in machinery working capital and product stock It can be said that it truly helps entrepreneurs.”



Mr. Somsuk also mentioned SME D Bank. In addition to capital replenishment loan products that are ready to help SMEs entrepreneurs, they also support knowledge by organizing training seminars. and help advertise through various media Send your business to grow towards sustainability


contact :

Pansuk Food and Farm

150 Moo 2 Phetkasem Road

Don Khun Huai Subdistrict, Cha-am District

Phetchaburi Province 76120

Telephone: 095-394-2322, 061-942-6442, 065-223-9425

FB : 1000sookchaam

Line : @1000sook

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