SME Bank is pleased with SMEs Transformation Loan in one month, SMEs borrow more than 4 billion baht.

Mr. Somchai Harnhiran Chairman of the Board Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME Bank or SME Development Bank) revealed after the launch of SMEs Transformation Loan on April 7, 2017 that Mr. Uttama Savanayana, Minister of The Ministry of Industry honored to preside over the opening ceremony that, in just one month, received attention from entrepreneurs participating in the activities from road shows in 11 provinces, totaling 2,483, expressing their intention to apply for a loan of 1,160 with a total amount of 3,472 million baht. Average 3 million baht and now all branches nationwide, 838 operators have registered in the system, totaling 4,012 million baht, accounting for 27% of the total credit limit of the project. In the process of preparing documents, 588 cases, 2,777 million baht, 67 have been approved, totaling 268 million baht. Affected by the economy, causing the business to have liquidity problems at 32% and new entrepreneurs (New / Start Up) or 5% with innovation. There are also activities to be held in 6 provinces, such as Lopburi Province on the day. May 4, Phitsanulok and Nakhon Pathom provinces on May 9, Chachoengsao province on May 12, Nan province on May 19, and Krabi province on June 6. Interested parties can attend the event and apply for a loan at any bank branch nationwide.

The SMEs Transformation Loan project, amounting to 15 billion baht, was approved under the Cabinet Resolution on March 21, 2017, with the goal of strengthening SMEs entrepreneurs, focusing on developing a body of knowledge for entrepreneurship. Business and business planning for continued growth and help with funding In which entrepreneurs can apply for a loan of not more than 15 million baht per person, the loan term is not more than 7 years, the principal is repayable up to 12 months, the interest rate is low, 3%, fixed for the first 3 years, the 4th-7th year, the interest rate is MLR. per year. In addition, in case of borrowing not more than 5 million baht, TCG can be guaranteed without any securities.

Mr. Somchai also said that at the same time, entrepreneurs can express their intention to request a loan from the SME Development Fund in the amount of 20,000 million baht, which is intended to help support SMEs in terms of funding and knowledge. Empower SMEs to develop into high-value industries according to the national strategy and the Thailand reform strategy in accordance with the Thailand 4.0 policy. Currently, all 76 provinces across the country have set provincial strategies and selected target industries / business types that will be promoted already, such as agriculture sector, food processing, tourist attractions, START UP group and technology and innovation group, etc., by publicizing the target group entrepreneurs in each province to know the next approach Many provinces have been interested in having a large number of participants in the project. SME Bank, as a co-operating agency, acts in the credit management section. have visited the area to visit the business of the target group of entrepreneurs who expressed their wish to apply for a loan ready to produce a feasibility analysis report to be presented to the SME Development Fund Management Subcommittee in accordance with the provincial civil state for approval. It is expected that in May, there will be 2-3 operators approved by the fund from the fund in each province.

For entrepreneurs who are interested in SMEs Transformation Loan and SME Development Fund according to the civil state guidelines You can contact to apply for a loan at any branch nationwide. For more information, Call Center 1357 or follow good activities via facebook.com/SMEDevelopmentBank

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