SME D Bank is delighted with “D CEO Network Generation 2”, super awesome, connecting 133 businesses, creating an entrepreneurial society. Continue to grow your business sustainably

The Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand or SME D Bank is pleased with the implementation of the project to drive the network of senior executives to promote growth towards sustainable business success, Batch 2, year 2024 or “D” CEO Network 2”  organized in collaboration with SME D Bank and Silpakorn University. Good success Able to support project participants of 133 businesses that include both bank customers SME entrepreneurs and senior executives of leading organizations Covered in various important business groups  such as technology, consumer products. Industrial products, logistics, real estate, advertising, restaurants, and tourism, etc., to gain modern knowledge.  And most importantly, provide opportunities for project participants to connect networks and create an entrepreneurial society. There is an exchange of knowledge between each other. Including business matching (Business Matching) to further enhance the business. and increase potential for sustainable growth

For such a project This is the 2nd year organized at the Four Wings Hotel, Sukhumvit 26  under the concept “D CEO Driven ESG  : Create networks, create opportunities, create businesses towards sustainability”  There are many activities, both theoretical and practical. Continuously throughout 4 weeks from March to early April 2024, such as knowledge and experience transfer courses, workshop activities on finance, marketing, and adjusting business development plans according to ESG guidelines from leading national speakers. and senior executives from SME D Bank  such as Mr. Chayongkarn Phamronmas, Chairman of the Executive Committee, Mr. Jessada Ch. Charoenying, Deputy Managing Director, Mr. Phichit Mitrawong, Deputy Managing Director, Mr. Mukul Posayapisit, Deputy Director. manager along with the executive team who came together to drive the project including the CEO DINNER TALK activity to help strengthen relationships and promoting business matching, etc.  Those who pass the project will receive a certificate guaranteeing their potential based on such success. The bank prepares to continue The 3rd generation of the project will open soon.



News announcement on 09 April 2024

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