SME D Bank kicks off the phenomenon of Thai banks partnering with TikTok, pushing SMEs to expand the market with “TikTok for Business” with opportunities to access capital sources.

SME D Bank announces the kickoff of joining hands with TikTok to push Thai SME entrepreneurs to expand the market through “TikTok for Business”, organizing a program to increase potential and create opportunities for success. and access to capital sources Plus a special campaign: the first 100 people will receive “TikTok ads credit” first come, first served.

Mr. Prasit Veerasilp, Acting Managing Director The Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand or SME D Bank assigned Mr. Mukul Posayapisit, Deputy Managing Director. Revealing the cooperation between SME D Bank and TikTok, the world’s leading short video platform, that at present trading through e-commerce is highly popular. In 2023, Thailand has a value of over 700,000 million baht, growing on average 25% per year, while the platform TikTok is becoming extremely popular, with the “TikTok for Business” service launched in 2020 showing rapid growth. ​Thailand is the second largest market in the ASEAN region. There are more than 90,000 new storefronts opening and average sales exceeding 50 million baht per month.

From such interest In addition, the mission of SME D Bank is a development bank. In addition to funding support It also always promotes development. This is in line with TikTok’s approach of wanting to create opportunities for Thai SME entrepreneurs. Especially the small ones Therefore, there has been a collaboration between SME D Bank and TikTok to help create benefits for SME entrepreneurs to effectively expand the market in the digital age. Through support in opening a storefront on TikTok, along with access to marketing tools like TikTok for Business that will help increase your chances of success, including having TikTok experts as lecturers in the intensive course “Get Started with TikTok”, introducing strategies. Online marketing on the TikTok platform in 3 main areas:  TikTok Shop Solution, TikTok Ads Manager and TikTok Creative Center, held in 4 consecutive editions: 1st edition on 17 May 2024 at TikTok Office, 2nd edition on 14th. June 2024, SME Bank Tower Building, 3rd generation on 17 July 2024, Chiang Mai Province and 4th generation on 17 August 2024, Udon Thani Province. Open for a limited number. About 300 people at a time, about 1,200 people in total.

Mrs. Chanida Klaiphan, Head of Public Policy-Thailand, TikTok, said that TikTok is very pleased to be collaborating with  SME D Bank in piloting the integration of TikTok for Business into business groups in Thailand. This cooperation marks an important step in supporting small entrepreneurs. To provide them with the ability to use the features of the TikTok platform to great benefit. Along with expanding access to capital and business opportunities, TikTok hopes that the technology and training provided by TikTok experts in various fields will help entrepreneurs grow effectively in the digital age. It reinforces TikTok’s commitment to driving economic growth and promoting innovation in Thailand.

Those interested can join the activity by applying for membership on the platform “DX by SME D Bank” (https://dx.smebank.co.th/)  Special for the first 100 participants who pass the course will receive “TikTok ads credit”. Valued at 1,000 baht to be used for marketing purposes to reach a wide range of target customers.  In addition,  participants also get the opportunity to access capital from SME D Bank through the “Tiny Sod Jaew” loan to invest, expand, improve, and change the format. business or circulating to enhance business liquidity Maximum loan amount 500,000 baht per person. No collateral required. Interest rate starting at 1.125% per month or MLR+6% per year, installment payments up to 5 years.


News announcement on 04 April 2024

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