SME D Bank launches the cool platform ‘DX’ to upgrade the skills of Thai SMEs. Soaring into the digital age Joining forces with public-private partnerships Provide full services to strengthen your business Complete answers in one point.

SME D Bank reinforces its role as a leading development bank. Raising the level of entrepreneurial development services to the next level Launching the intelligent platform “DX by SME D Bank”, integrating government agencies, private sectors, and more than 50 educational institutions in the form of SMEs Total Solution Center, providing full services to strengthen businesses for SME entrepreneurs. Complete all your needs in one place, such as E-Learning services, important knowledge you can study by yourself 24 hours, SME D Coach business advisory system, SME D Market expansion channels, Business Health Check and joint registration. Activities to increase potential Ready to receive many SME D Privilege benefits

Mr. Prasit Veerasilp, Acting Managing Director The Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand or SME D Bank assigned Mr. Mukul Posayapisit, Deputy Managing Director. Said at the launch of the “DX by SME D Bank” platform that SME D Bank, as a state financial institution, is committed to “Termphun Ku Phatthana” has raised the level of service to another level. Support Thai SMEs to be able to adapt and keep pace with changes in the digital world. Increase competitiveness Create an entrepreneurial society and grow sustainably Therefore, the platform “DX by SME D Bank” (dx.smebank.co.th) has been launched. It has the strength of connecting services and outstanding potential of more than 50 government agencies, private sector and various educational institutions to answer the needs of entrepreneurs. Complete SME services in one place in the form of SMEs Total Solution Center, creating convenience. and easy to access Can be used on all devices Be it a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

The “DX by SME D Bank” platform has important service modules for entrepreneurs such as 1. E-Learning, gathering important knowledge. Helps increase business potential You can learn by yourself 24 hours a day. Initially, there are more than 30 courses. Upon completion, you will receive guaranteed documents. (E-Certificate)  2. SME D Coach, business advisor from over 30 professional coaches. You can choose to receive counseling both online and offline.  Also, you can make an appointment in advance at your convenience, close to one-on-one.       3. SME D Market, a channel to expand the market as well. E-marketplace and business matching (Business Matching) 4. Business Health Check, a system for checking business health by yourself, and 5. SME D Activity, a system for booking to participate in knowledge-adding activities organized continuously throughout the year. on important topics such as business management, innovation, technology, standards, marketing, finance, and preparing to access funding sources, etc.

In addition, there are many special benefits (SME D Privilege) for applicants to become “DX MEMBER” according to the criteria and conditions set forth, such as receiving rights from the Office of Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion (OSMEP) to subsidize expenses. Pay for entrepreneurial development as a co-payment with a maximum value of 200,000 baht. The Department of Industrial Promotion (Dprom) increases opportunities to access capital through the project “Growing Wings for SMEs” The securities do not have     good guarantees provided”, receive the right to Builk code for 1 free project on BUILK.COM and receive a 20% discount on Training Workshop, the right to try selling products on the platform on amazon.com for a period of 3 months, TikTok Ads Credit, advertising credit helps stimulate sales. Sell to create income for businesses on TikTok for Business, BEECY gives the right to try the ERP system for store management for a period of 3 months, Aappoint prepares a restaurant table reservation system to increase sales for use for 3 months, etc. Set a goal for 2024 to have Over 20,000 applicants to become “DX MEMBER”

Apply for “DX MEMBER” membership to easily receive various services and benefits at no cost at all by visiting the website dx.smebank.co.th or scanning the QR Code on the public relations poster or through  Line OA : @DX By SME. D Bank then proceed with the following steps: 1. Press to register as a member 2. Request consent to provide personal information 3. Fill in personal information 4. Press to request OTP code via phone number / email 5. Select “Yes, do it now” 6. Do a preliminary business assessment. 7. Press to edit the entrepreneur profile. 8. Fill in the business information and press save. 9. Successfully applied for membership. For more information, Call Center 1357


At the launch of the “DX by SME D Bank” platform, executives of partner agencies were honored to join in congratulating them. and participate in various activities such as  Miss Thanatphon Boonthorn Thanasap Deputy Director of the Department of Acting Director Knowledge Support Department and SMEs Service System, Office of Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion (OSMEP), Dr. Ratthasat Korasut, Deputy Director General Digital Economy Promotion Agency (DEPA)                   Dr. Worawit Jiratkitcharoen Director of the Entrepreneurship and New Business Promotion Division Department of Industrial Promotion (Dprom)                 Mr. Aek Burapawong, Director of the Small and Medium Enterprises Institute of Manufacturing Industry (SMI),  Mr. Phattharasak Wongsabut, Marketing Director, Senior Soft Development Company Limited, Ms. Preeyaporn Prang Monday Chief Financial Officer, Bill One Group Co., Ltd. (builk) Ms. Siraphan Sinjemsiri, Director, Trinity Roots Co., Ltd. (beecy) Miss Warissara Bunthiam, Chief Operating Officer, Apppointment Co., Ltd. Anyware Co., Ltd. (Aappoint) Mr. Thanaphong Wongchinsri, CEO of Penguin Each episode and Miss Ananya Tosaengchai, executive of Hiero Society Company Limited, etc.


News announcement on 25 April 2024

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