SME Development Bank organizes a seminar, you can get rich too… Digital business, technology, Starup, very interested to listen Prepare to step into Thailand 4.0

Today (25 January 2017) at the SME Bank Tower head office, Mr. Mongkol Leelatham, Managing Director Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME Bank or SME Development Bank) opened a seminar “Rich with Digital Technology Business” (Make Money with IoT Technology) at the SME Bank Tower Headquarters, next to Ari BTS Station. This is the first activity to open the year 2017 of the Innovation Center from King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang. to inspire startup groups or SME entrepreneurs Open the business perspective of the new generation stepping into the digital technology world in the future, which turns out that the topic of the talk has attracted the attention of more than 200 people who reserve seats from the original target of no more than 80 attendees. The number of people or bookings has more than doubled. Therefore, the bank has to expand the event space more. You can follow the live broadcast of this seminar via the Innovation Center’s Facebook Live and Facebook SME Development Bank as well.


Managing Director of SME Bank said that the Internet trend is going to change the way of life in the future of human beings. as one of the digital industries Part of the new industry, S-Curve, in line with the government’s policy of stepping into Thailand 4.0 where technology innovations can be implemented to create business. or develop potential to create added value for products and services Everything that is picked up in everyday life becomes a link to the Internet world. This makes it possible to command, control, supervise and operate various tools and equipment. through the internet network by organizing this event In addition to helping to fill the knowledge and open the world to entrepreneurs Banks also have funds available to support business operations. or venture capital to expand the business to grow as well


For the speakers who attended the seminar “You can get rich too. Digital Technology Business” is a guru in this area, especially Mr. Oran Veeranon or Khun Bom, a new generation of executives, CEO & Co-Founder, DURIAN CORP (Durian Corp), a fintech startup. and business incubator that helps investors, business owners, expand their business Experienced in leading organizations and as a business consultant branding and the owner of the best-selling book “Billion Connections…weave it yourself” and BomOlarn page with over 70,000 followers with outstanding activities that won the No. 1 online marketing plan competition in Thailand during the Master’s degree. Thammasat University and Dr. Wiwat Wongwarawipat Managing Director of Instap Group Co., Ltd., who has experience in various technologies. Both are hardware designers. system designer Previously served as the President of the Digital Content Association Advisor of the National Electronics and Computer Technology Center Including many other national committees are considered as pioneering roles in the digital industry. There are both domestic and international networks around the world.


In addition, the Bank continuously organizes activities under the concept of Internet of Things (IoT: The Internet of Things). by organizing training seminars “Spark Building a Business with IoT” on Wednesday, February 1, 2017, from 13:00-4:30 p.m. at the Co-Working Space, SME Bank Tower Headquarters, next to Ari BTS Station. open up cool ideas Make money with your hands From the speakers who shared business ideas, Mr. Thanyawat Jittiplangsri Airchai Jodenki Air conditioner innovation with app that can work with smartphones and Khun Kamin Kongchamnearee, a drive-bot, a vehicle inspection device via a smartphone that can save up to 10 times the cost of car repairs Actual practice on the topic of “Getting Started with Internet of Things Device Developers” on Friday, February 3, 2017, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at the SME Bank Tower headquarters building. Technology is all around. smartphone in hand participate in armed operations Build a business with IoT by Lt. Lt. Akhhom Thai Charoen from Venus Supply Company Limited (Thai Easy Elec) who will teach you techniques for installing and programming micro programs. Preliminary controller. This event is limited to only 25 people and all participants. will receive a free set of IoT equipment


Those interested in joining the event Hurry up to reserve your seat at 02-265-3009, 098-269-8077,099-283-4888 or email : innocenter.smed@gmail.com limited amount free of charge

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