Survey results indicate that taxi drivers are carrying informal debt. Dreaming to have my own car Believe helps reduce costs, increase revenue, develop services

University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce Reveals the survey results that taxi drivers have more than 1.2 hundred thousand people, most of them do not reach the capital. Facing dependence on informal loans Resulting in high debt burden and want to have my own car. By receiving credit services in low interest systems Believe helps reduce costs, increase revenue and help service better. The SME Development Bank indicates that taxi drivers are important to connect with passengers and the Thai tourism sector Need to be elevated With data collected to develop direct support measures.

Asst. Prof. Dr. Thanawat Phonwichai, Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and . It was found that from the information of the Transport Statistics Group, Department of Land Transport Planning Division Expect a taxi driver From the number of taxi drivers nationwide 122,356, divided into 57.54% in Bangkok and 42.46% in the provincial area. Problems of taxi users From the collection of documents, including: 1. Rejection of passengers 2. Negligence in driving 3. Use the indirect route and do not press the meter. 4. Improper behavior of taxi drivers 5. Taxi is not enough to meet the needs and 6. The dishonesty of taxi drivers

According to the sample survey of 1,211 taxi drivers, the sample is divided into individual taxis. (Green-yellow) 38.18% and renting a driver (taxis, corporate) 61.82%, found that 51.44% of the driving car is Still not near expiration of 5 years or more, while 48.56% used cars near the expiration of 5 years by 76.69% of taxi drivers working in this profession from 6 years up to 20 years. The portion that has been made for no more than 5 years is 23.31%. In addition, most are still working hard muust drive to earn an average of 25 days per month by doing both morning, evening and night time, and most importantly, seize taxi drivers as 87.98% of the main occupation and for the supplementary career, only 12.02%

Sample depression reveals income before expenses From taxi drivers, most of them are 27.27% at 1,601-1,800 baht per day while income before deducting expenses Average at 1,702.50 baht per day with income more than expenditure 39.24%, earning less than the expenditure 22.19% and earning as much as 38.57%

As for the status of taxi drivers, 58.02% have monthly savings with an average savings of 796.97 baht per month, mostly 45.53% savings can be less than 500 baht and 41.98% without monthly savings while 47.36% said that there is currently no debt But interesting is 47.02% that indicates no debt For reasons not able to access loans or loans As for the group that said they had 52.64% of liabilities, the source of liabilities .Most of them are 46.10%. They are non-formal debts, while 35.57% are in and out of the system. While being the only debt in the system, only 18.33%

The sample group revealed that Having an obligation to pay an average of 4,456.67 baht per month and comparing the current liabilities compared to the previous year The group indicated that there was an increase in debt burden such as the rising cost of living Have to pay tuition fees for children Have more expenses than income, have lower income, bring money to increase liquidity in the business And invest in buying a taxi etc.

As for the installment payment during the past 1 year, 52.11% of the sample group had never defaulted on payment. 47.89% said that they had defaulted on payment. Because of insufficient income, forgot to pay, need to spend money for other expenses. And the money didn’t keep in order

When asked about the purpose of borrowing money in the future, including old debts, general expenses Invest in a career Pay a credit card Pay for education for children Taken to enhance business liquidity And buy a taxi. Importantly, 100% of the sample said that they needed to borrow money in the system. The average loan amount is 245,832.08 baht, but the ability to borrow money in the system is only 34.13%. The 65.87% cannot be recovered in the system due to reasons No financial movement history No collateral, low income, no debt payment history The project is not of interest to commercial banks. Not approved by the bank and do not know how to contact the bank respectively.

For most taxi drivers, 59.70% do not own taxis, while 40.30% own 68.56% of taxis. An average of 17,976.43 baht per month per month while having the cost of occupation when including various expenses, about 41,582.31-47,156.14 baht per month, which from such high cost of occupation The sample group reached 72.83% and therefore said that the meter fare starting at 35 baht is not appropriate by the rate that is considered appropriate. Average at 48.35 baht

The sample group of 70.45% said that they want to have their own taxi. By reasoning that Convenient to use Worth more than renting a car Do not pay rent Allocate work time, etc. The funds required to invest to buy an average taxi at 416,726.68 baht

When asked if the government has a credit program to buy their own taxis 56.91% of the sample indicated that they were interested in joining because the installment rate was not high. Affordable interest Will have a car of its own And not having to worry about finding a car rental fee, while 16.24% said they were not sure. 26.85% indicated that they did not participate Because they do not want to owe more Think that the process is complicated I think I can’t go anyway. I don’t know the news and think that there shouldn’t be a project like this. In addition, when asked to add. In addition, when asked to add that If the state bank There is a project to pay daily taxi fees equal to the current taxi rental. The sample group 53.78% interested in joining the project Which can be paid from a minimum of 593.18 baht per day to a maximum of 894.53 baht per day or an average of 623.57 baht per day

Sample depression said that If you have a taxi of your own Believe that it will help solve the problem, reduce the debt at a high level 79.12%, help reduce taxi rental costs Gained a high level of 76.82% and helped increase income at a high level 66.35% including when having his own car Also helps to solve other problems, such as not having to hurry to send a car The car condition will be better maintained because it is the car itself. Passengers are not sent before the destination. Do not reject passengers No need to drive fast to speed up the time.

Hence, the sample group wants to receive help from the government, including 1. increase the initial fare 2. Help with debt burden 3. Adjust or reduce the gas price 4. Take care of the rental price level appropriately 5. Stimulate domestic economy especially in the areas of consumption and low income people. The proposal and what you want to receive from the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME) or SME Development Bank are 1. Help in loan or loan 2. Reduce the procedure / conditions for loan 3. No need for people or securities to guarantee 4. Reducing loan interest rates and 5. Developing a variety of credit products and accessing business or career needs.

Mr. Mongkol Leelatham, SME Development Bank Managing Director, said that from the number of taxi drivers, about 1.2 hundred thousand people are still involved in many others both passengers who use at least 3-5 million passengers per day, including foreign tourists who visit Thailand more than 30 million people per year. Therefore, taxi services are important. And should raise the standard of service quality, car quality and safety Which will help build confidence and create a good image for users And Thai tourism

In addition, taxi drivers Which is one of the independent occupation groups Should be taken care of Because this group of people Must work hard But without welfare support And most of them do not reach government assistance measures which is reflected from the situation Most of them are still having problems relying on the use of informal loans. Because of the inability to access the funding source in the system Causing a high burden of occupation Whether they have to pay for the car rental Or having to pay a car at a high interest rate Because it is an informal loan. Therefore, most taxi drivers have a desire to have their own car. Which requires a loan from a financial institution in the system Low interest rate Because I’m sure Will help reduce debt And increase the income of the occupation, as well as good results to the passenger service quality The Bank of Thailand will use the survey results and recommendations. From the sample group go to develop financial aid measures, including service procedures to answer the needs of taxi drivers, as well as other independent groups .

SME Bank leverages work through the platform ‘SME D Bank’, an application that SMEs can apply for a loan at any time, every place under the 24×7 code means 24 hours a day, 7 days .Working in tandem with the mobile car service unit to fill the capital, promote Thai SMEs to be quick to the place when the operator submits the loan application online, then within 3 days .The bank staff contacted To make an appointment for the horse car unit to fill the capital to meet to see the empirical data for real business operations Can know the results of the credit consideration in 7 days. Meanwhile, bank employees Working under code 8-8-7 means 8 am to 8 pm (8: 00-20: 00 hrs.) For 7 days

SME Bank’s SME D Bank platform works through 3 “good” letters or 3D. 1.Development = helps develop business With knowledge of capital. 2.Delivery = fast service to local and 3.Digital = service through modern technology with services such as applying for loans online at any time, any location, tools, business tools (Tools Box), helping SMEs grow stronger, survive and sustainably by collecting applications and software to upgrade capabilities SME as well as collecting the knowledge warehouse for the e-Library in the very best place ever In the form of news, statistics, articles, video clips, infographic, etc. More than 2,000 preliminary knowledge and more. Help update SMEs entrepreneurs to keep pace with technology Adapting to the competition as well as having a privilege from using within the platform.

According to a joint survey between the SME Development Bank and the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce, Thailand currently has 2.2 million entrepreneurs in the system and a group of small business entrepreneurs or “micro-SMEs” that are not in the system, approximately 3 million in total. There are more than 5.2 million people.

Local Economy Loan for 30,000 million baht covering the entire agricultural processing group Tourism / community business New entrepreneurs with innovation Wholesale retail group (Grocery / community shop / Thong Fah shop) ,agricultural traders and non-informal entrepreneurs who work independently, both online and food truck, taxi drivers, motorcycles ,merchants selling in the fresh market etc. Special interest rates are charged. Individual 1-3 years, only 0.42% per month, maximum loan amount not exceeding 3 million baht and when upgrading to become a juristic person. A single account will have a lower interest rate of 1-3 years, only 0.25% per month. Maximum loan amount is not more than 5 million baht


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