Thai Herbal Standard draws folk wisdom into bottles to add value to Thai herbs through research and development.

Thai Herbal Standard’ brings local wisdom into bottles.
Add value ‘Thai herbs’ with research and development.

Thai Herbal Standard Co., Ltd., Khon Kaen Province, brings folk wisdom in using the benefits of Thai herbs. Come up with a wide variety of bottled flavored beverages, as well as local food supplements and medicines That are unique And international standards Along with upgrading with research The more the results in the product being accepted Creating a name for Thai wisdom that is advanced to the world


What I learned against doing business But perfect with accumulated experience. Mr. Seksan Ngamdee, Managing Director of Thai Herbal Standard Co., Ltd., manufacturer and distributor of herbal drinks. Energy drink Home herbal medicine, food supplements and various brands (OEM) in Khon Kaen Province Told about the beginning of the business that he graduated about mechanics Both diploma and bachelor’s degree Before working as a full-time employee in a car company Until he felt the saturation point and resigned to do business according to his own expertise

Additional skills Even with the knowledge of the father generation as the original capital that conveyed the benefits of “Thai herbs”, but I think that if it will create a quality product for consumers Further study is required, therefore, enter the Thai traditional medicine course. Thai Pharmacy At Khon Kaen University Until receiving a license to be a local drug doctor And started doing business seriously since 1995 registered as a company “Thai Herbal Standard” year 2013 for use in purchasing research from various universities to be further developed and developed into products for sale to consumers.

Business routes are not sprinkled with rose petals. Is considered a barrier to be tested Both knowledge and capital that will be used to expand the business But has the belief that if not, we will not give up Every problem has a solution. Therefore trying to continue to search for research As a result, the company currently has more than 78 herbal formulas and uses 31 formulas to produce and distribute various kinds of products. Various brands such as energy drink, Chang Suek Fight, Elephant Suek herbal drink, Goddess Jatatat drug, Tri Phala, Snow Punch, GG fruit juice, starting price at 20 baht per piece.

The highlight of “Thai Herbal Standard” is the expertise of Thai herbs with more than 50 years of experience, combining quality research. Able to meet the needs of consumers as well Always reflect repeat orders Through various channels such as the website www.thaiherbalstandard.com Through a dealer Shop by tourist attractions in the country And exported to foreign countries such as Cambodia, Lao PDR, etc., as well as other entrepreneurs who believe in production to consult and order products with the company continuously.

The company’s products are certified according to international standards. By herbal medicine products and other products of all types through the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Halal mark Legal Rules that comply with the provisions of Islam. And GMP production standards to build confidence among consumers and to be confident that the products of “Thai Herbal Standard” is absolutely safe.


COVID-19 situation Occurred during the first 3 months the company has been affected by the sales decrease. And the acceptance of various brands but when the situation resolves The company can come back to expand the market again. In accordance with the orders of the company from entrepreneurs gradually coming in Resulting in income coming back again

Sekson stated that the company had reached this point. In addition to my ability and experience Funding is also important. By receiving credit from the SME Development Fund According to the civil state By the Ministry of Industry Through the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME) or SME D Bank, the company has a source of funds. Special low interest in revolving And purchase machinery for expanding business such as bottle blowing machine for packing products, capsule filling machine Is adding new products to increase Can generate income for the company continuously

The next step for Thai Herbal Standard is to develop raw materials instead of sweetness. With prebiotics To be used in the production of the company’s products with quality and benefit to consumers. At present, the company has a joint venture with National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) and professors from Chulalongkorn University Established a company to bring research results to the production line. Including establishing a joint venture company with a famous singer for life Produce energy drinks for sale to consumers Which is currently in the process of naming the products that are in collaboration with Khon Kaen University Which will be announced in November 2020 and expected to be available in 2021 onwards.

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Rural District, Khon Kaen Province 40180

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