The government approved SMEs Transformation Loan, giving SME Development Bank to open D-Day service on 3 April 2017, all branches nationwide.

Mr. Mongkol Leelatham Managing Director Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME Bank or SME Development Bank) revealed that, according to the Cabinet’s resolution, approved the SMEs Transformation Loan project with a credit limit of 15,000 million baht by assigning SMEs and corporations Small Industrial Credit Guarantee (TCG) operates to encourage targeted SMEs to join the project. To strengthen SMEs entrepreneurs, emphasizing business knowledge and business planning for entrepreneurs to grow continuously. For financial assistance, entrepreneurs can apply for a loan of not more than 15 million baht per person, with a loan term of not more than 7 years, repayment of principal not more than 12 months, with a low interest rate of 3%, fixed for the first 3 years, the 4th year. -7 Interest rate MLR per year. In addition, in case of borrowing not more than 5 million baht, TCG can be used as collateral without having securities.


“For SMEs Transformation Loan, the government aims to help SMEs access to a source of funding at a low interest rate of only 3% per annum as working capital. or expanding and improving the business for 3 main groups of entrepreneurs: 1) entrepreneurs who are affected by the economy causing liquidity problems 2) new entrepreneurs (New / Start Up) or who have innovations 3) SMEs entrepreneurs who have potential or have a tendency to grow into the Industry 4.0 era, such as SMEs, S-Curve business groups and SMEs that export. The government has also commissioned the bank to conduct training courses to educate about business operations. and business planning including management, finance, accounting, tax, marketing both domestically and internationally, such as business matching online trading as well as taking out booths to sell products with government agencies and the private sector both at Khlong Phadung Krung Kasem Market Airport, Marine Department, Thai Smile, website alibaba.com and take them to penetrate the CLMV countries market.”


“The Bank expects that after the launch, there will be a large number of entrepreneurs interested in applying for a credit line with the lowest interest rate of 3% as it reduces the burden on entrepreneurs, enabling working capital to prepare their businesses for entering the Thailand 4.0 industry. This will help drive the economy, create credit in the system, help SMEs to access funding sources of more than 3,000 (average guarantee amount per person 5 million baht), maintain employment at least 24,000 people and create working capital in the economy. Approximately 68.7 billion baht, which is a cog to help drive the Thai economy back to recovery.”


For SMEs entrepreneurs who are interested in using SMEs Transformation Loan service, they can apply for a loan at any branch nationwide or inquire at Call Center 1357 and can follow news or good events. of the bank through channels facebook.com/SMEDevelopmentBank

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