“DEX”, the leader of happiness through anime cartoons, SME D Bank joins in supporting Push Soft Power Thai Go Inter


DEX or Dream Express (DEX) Company Limited by “Krit Sakulpanich”  connects to bring happiness from the world of imagination through many famous cartoons, whether it be “One Piece” “Gundam” “Ultraman” “Masked Rider” etc. To be close to Thai fans By legally importing copyright Let’s expand the business and produce various types of products. And today, DEX is taking it a step further. by exporting content Thai culture to the international level, with SME D Bank, the bank for Thai SMEs, as support, adding capital to development partners. Invite to join the project “Acceleration Program Road to LiVE path to prepare to enter the capital market”



Khun Krit has more than 25 years of experience in the anime cartoon industry, since graduating from engineering. Chulalongkorn University Then started working with a giant company like BANDAI, a leader in the toy business. Japan and noticed important phenomena If any cartoon is famous It will also help make toys sell well. It sparked an idea for him to pioneer the business of importing cartoon rights from Japan. Entering the market in Thailand Starting with character “Masked Rider” and “Gundam”

After 1997 It is a golden time for DEX where the business is growing by leaps and bounds. Because it was a prosperous era for the media industry, including free TV and comic books. Movies, VCDs, DVDs, including the use of copyrights in conjunction with various branded products (Merchandising) by DEX is considered an important mechanism for importing the copyrights of Japanese cartoons to distribute in Thailand to become well known. Widely popular


The business path is bound to have problems. In particular, there are important obstacles that severely affect the DEX business. When disrupted by technology Customer behavior has changed and turned to watching cartoons through digital media channels. It has had a severe impact on the main income such as free TV media, VCDs, DVDs. In addition, it has continued to face the problem of copyright infringement, including the COVID-19 situation that has dragged down income as well.

However, by adapting and dealing with various situations in various ways. Makes DEX stand firm and overcome problems such as developing a movie viewing platform. cartoon series Through the application channel named “FLIXER” building community through social media. Under the brand “DEXclub” has created a loyal fan base among children, teenagers, working people, and even the group of “adults” who have grown up and are attached to their favorite cartoons. It can be considered that cartoons have become a lifestyle. for the present era through products, campaigns and various activities In every sector, whether it be food, drinks, fashion, concerts, movies, etc., cartoon copyright is a part of communication that easily reaches the hearts of consumers. and marketing promotion Stimulate sales even further.


“Nowadays…cartoons are not just for children. But it is already a lifestyle in everyday life. Therefore, we always tell this important point to our customers. Bringing cartoon characters that consumers love come on the product It will make the products sell better as you will be surprised,” Khun Krit stated about the business opportunity. that connects cartoon copyright with products, services, and various marketing activities It has become a flagship to drive the business through the crisis.

In addition, the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand or SME D Bank comes to help provide support through adding capital to expand businesses. Also invited to join the project “Acceleration Program Road to LiVE” supports SMEs with potential Prepare to enter the capital market in the future.


“We are an SME. We tend to focus on only the things we are good at. But going to raise funds on the stock exchange We must also make the public understand our company. What do we do?  So, how do we communicate with the public or investors? There are methods and procedures that we never knew before. This project has made us understand a lot more. In addition, it has also made us see opportunities to expand our business.”  Pioneer of DEX identified.

After bringing the rights of Japanese cartoons to Thai people for a long time, Khun Krit is now supporting the creation of opportunities for Thai creators to present their works to Japan and others, opening opportunities for Thai Softpower. Go create happiness on the world stage


This is an interesting step for DEX as a carrier of culture through content. Anime cartoons create happiness both at home and abroad.



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