“Envostar” the real defense weapon Thai craftsmanship of world standard. SME D Bank continues to strengthen its business by entering the stock exchange.


In situations of danger from clashes with force and weapons “Protective equipment” such as shields, body armor, helmets, etc. play an important role, helping to protect and increase safety for those performing their duties. In Thailand “Envostar” is considered the number one manufacturer of defense weapons. Standing in the industry for a long time Create innovative Thai craftsmanship World class guaranteed quality

and the next step, aiming for sustainable growth with SME D Bank, the bank for Thai SMEs. Join in pushing through the project. “Acceleration Program Road to LiVE, a path to prepare to enter the capital market”



Wiworn Meechuthon, Chief Executive Officer of Invostar Company Limited,  brings knowledge and experience from having received a scholarship from the Ministry of Defense. United States Went to study composite engineering (Composite  engineering) and worked for a US company.    Returned to develop defense equipment for use in the security field.

of Thailand

He further explained that  in the past, defensive weapons were made of steel and were heavy, making it difficult for the user to move. So there has been development. “Synthetic fibers” are used as alternative basic materials. The different types of synthetic fiber materials have different properties. The important thing is which manufacturer will use synthetic fibers to develop more effective protective weapons. Both lightweight, strong, durable, and able to provide the highest protection against various threats.

With expertise in technology, especially “Materials Science” and importantly, there is continuous research and development (R&D). Including creating a testing lab, collecting statistics, collecting data to develop various products until they meet international standards consistent with academic principles. and meets the needs of customers This makes Envostar’s various protective equipment, whether it be body armor, helmets, shoes, shields, vehicle armor, etc., widely accepted. Guaranteed with many awards, including sending business to continuous growth in both domestic and international markets.

In the past, Envostar’s defense products have played a role in protecting the lives of officers in many different situations. Whether it is a shooting incident in a famous department store. or in the area of 3 southern border provinces

However, exporting products abroad has often faced the problem of higher production costs than foreign competitors. The Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME) or SME D Bank comes to enhance business potential. By adding capital to purchase machinery, it reduces costs. In addition,  it continues to promote. Take to join the project “Acceleration Program Road to LiVE”  paves the way for sustainable business growth. Through fundraising on the stock exchange

Phattharin Meechuthon, Chief Financial Officer, added that the benefit of joining the project is knowing “what I don’t know” and seeing things that should be improved, such as finances, accounting, etc., in order to bring them back to develop and be ready. will enter the stock exchange For having a source of capital to expand production capacity Supports future growth Driving the company towards its goal of being the number 1 military weapons manufacturer in Southeast Asia.


Revelation concludes by laying down guidelines to drive the business. By cultivating DNA, the team is committed to doing their best. Develop the best defensive weapons because we believe that If there is excellence in one’s work Ready to adhere to the principle of taking into account helping to take care of the lives of those on duty, especially our Thai brothers and sisters. Ultimately, this will move Envostar’s business towards sustainability.


News announcement on December 18, 2023

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