Expanding the heritage rice fields Adding value by creating a super hip hotel, ‘Pu Paal Khanna Pua’ SME D Bank has been by your side since the first step. Join forces to overcome every situation.

The area is rich in natural resources. Surrounded by mountains, rivers and rice field scenery in Pua District, Nan Province, it was originally used as a family agricultural activity.  When the heirs arrived. Created into a hotel “Pu Paal Khanna Pua” accommodating the relaxation of tourists. Both Thai people and foreigners With the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand or SME D Bank alongside the business “adding capital to develop partners” from the first step, even in times of crisis and experiencing COVID-19 problems, they will not abandon them, holding hands to move forward. Get through the situation well

Mr. Romrawin Issarajiwat” owner of the hotel “Pu Paal Khanna Pua” Nan Province Tell us about the beginning of the business, born from an interest in the tourism business. In addition, “Nan” is a province that is popular with tourists for recreation, so they started doing business covering all aspects of tourism. Both airline ticket agents The company provides ground services for airlines and car rental businesses. Guided tour service Before expanding the rice fields which is a family inheritance To create a hotel to accommodate the increasing demand of tourists.

“Pu Paal Khanna Pua” is located in an appropriate location. Even though the area is not much But the design meets the needs of making the space worthwhile. The design is built as a 3-story octagonal building, with the 1st and 3rd floors being rooms that can accommodate more than 40 customers. Each room reveals a different perspective, such as rice fields, mountain ranges, rivers, or garden views. Therefore, No matter where you are, you can receive fresh air in every area.

The 2nd floor is designed as a swimming pool with a 360 degree view. In addition, there is a restaurant. and a separate restaurant to give the rooms privacy. It also allows general customers to come and experience the atmosphere and eat delicious food every day.

But before reaching the present Recognize that “funding” is important. With a unique design and construction. Makes the need for access to financial resources a necessity. Therefore went to consult with SME D Bank to receive loan services and received approval for a credit line of 10 million baht, creating “Pu Paal Khanna Pua” in 2019.

“A farmer’s son does not always have to be a farmer. We build hotels to create a better quality of life for farmers’ children. It shows that farmers’ children can add value to the area. can be given to people in the community without having to walk out of your hometown You don’t have to sell at retail stores,” Mr. Romrawin Tell us about the idea of adding value that brings to the hotel business.

As for the origin of the name “Pu Pa Khanna Pua” from memories of the past, the words “Pu” “Pa” come from local words that mean “crab” “fish”. As for “Khan Na” in the past, it was an area for planting crops. Various types of vegetables to be collected and used for cooking And the word “Pua” comes from the name of Pua district.

While the customer group will be the target group of tourists. Middle-upper level includes businessmen and government officials residing in Bangkok and surrounding areas. who want nature and peace Popular to travel during the rainy and winter seasons. Especially during the rainy season, the number of guests is dense every day. Because nature is filled with raindrops until it is drenched in greenery. The weather is good, suitable for resting the body and mind. In winter, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are days for traveling and relaxing.

For room rates of 3,500-10,000 baht per night, a delicious and clean breakfast is provided. With various additional activities such as giving alms to monks and making your own silverware nest. and kayaking, etc. along with a policy that always tells employees, “We are an organization that sells quality products.  Customers naturally have high expectations, so we have to have more. A lot here, a lot in terms of information, knowledge, and sophistication. To meet the needs of customers to the greatest satisfaction.”

“Remember that on September 1, 2019, Pu Paal Khanna Pua began allowing customers to make reservations. It appears that the total amount rose to 3 million baht. The reason was because it hit the right target group, had no competitors, and was a new hotel. And before that, Nan Province and Pua District were very popular with tourists. But not for long, the COVID-19 situation causing tourism to stagnate and fall precipitously The income that used to be there has turned to zero. Contrary to the expenses that we still have. But luckily, SME D Bank  understands the problems of SME entrepreneurs. There are measures to help. Debt restructuring Flexible installment payments Reduce the burden of expenses.”


While COVID-19 has had a huge impact on businesses, he comes back to the positives of the crisis. Makes you learn to adapt Learn how to diversify your risk by pursuing other career paths. Currently turning to the beauty business more. along with upgrading the tourism business Supporting the needs of future tourists

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