“FarmHouse Ranong” provides complete services, relax comfortably, enjoy delicious ingredients in the SME D Bank area, strengthening its funding services. Promoted to the living room podium in Ranong Province

Nature, way of life, culture, local food The charm of traveling in secondary cities When receiving support from government agencies It is like a magnet attracting tourists to experience tourist attractions. Make colors more lively As a result, businesses and stores dare to invest. There is employment, employment, and the result is a beautiful quality of life for people in the community.

“Juthapan Mahaphantip”, owner of the Farmhouse Ranong Hotel and Restaurant business, “FarmHouse Ranong Hotel & Restaurant”, one of the entrepreneurs who seized the business opportunity from the continued growth of tourism in Ranong Province, built a hotel to accommodate them. Tourist needs Born in 2013 with the support of my father. From the beginning with just 25 rooms, it has expanded to more than 71 rooms today. Room prices range from 1,480-4,000 baht.

“Father’s motivation Support to dare to make decisions Take action before others Giving you a chance before others Maybe because you are a businessman. I opened a chicken egg farm before. He is a person with far-sightedness. It has always made me have a business perspective. For example, about studying Personally, I am interested in hotels and food, but I would like you to choose to study a field that cannot be given outside experience first. Therefore decided to study at the Faculty of Political Science, Chulalongkorn University. When I graduated, I applied to study food studies at Dusit Thani College. and accumulate experience by applying to work in various hotels for 2 years.”

Mr. Juthaphan talks about the growth of the hotel business. Part of this comes from the stimulus from government agencies that support tourism in Ranong Province, resulting in the demand for room services expanding. Makes you want to invest in creating more rooms. Supports needs adequately But if you only use capital from profits or personal capital Probably not keeping up with the growing market demand Therefore looking for funding sources from financial institutions. By getting to know and using loan services from the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SMED Bank) or SME D Bank, the business expansion in each period is rapid.

Not only that In the COVID-19 crisis There are also relief measures to suspend debt repayment. To help SMEs move forward with their businesses.

“During COVID-19, there have been some openings and closings. Income is not the same as before. While there are still employees responsible for many lives. Expenses are the part that must be managed. It is considered fortunate that SME D Bank saw the problem and came out with assistance measures. Make our burden not too heavy and be able to overcome that situation.”

For the main target group of FarmHouse Ranong Hotel & Restaurant, it focuses on families, providing all members from childhood, working age and old age with appropriate facilities. Help add happiness Both physical and mental health When coming to use the service

“We grew up in a large family, living together for 4 generations, from great-grandparents, grandparents, parents, children, and grandchildren, so we wanted to create a hotel that accommodates people who love family, who love health, and because Ranong is a mineral water city. Children want to take care of their parents. Grandparents also took them to travel to be with nature. Living with good weather Both accommodations are facilitated with ramps for wheelchairs. There is an elevator available.”

While the traditional business is chicken farming It was imported into a decorative form to be in line with the original business. Using old wood in the style of chicken houses and egg panels, decorating it in a modern way but still looking natural. And gives an impression to customers when they first step into FarmHouse Ranong Hotel & Restaurant with a menu of soft-boiled eggs, numbers 5-6, that come from the first eggs of young hens that are raised in an open system in a standing cage with constant ventilation. Makes the hens feel good Including a restaurant open for service with 120 seats, all using good quality main ingredients produced in the community. and charm leads to word of mouth It is a variety of local food that is delicious and tastes like the people of Ranong.

“Ranong Province is a secondary city. Causing tourism to gradually grow, we intend for FarmHouse Ranong Hotel & Restaurant to be a hotel that is like a living room in the province. Both in terms of quality and service availability Keep warm and look at services that meet customer needs and provide value to local people.”


“FarmHouse Ranong Hotel & Restaurant”

311/1 Rueangrat Road Mueang Ranong District, Ranong Province 85000

Phone number: 094-454-5151

FB : FarmHouseRanong

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