‘Flinkone’, a new dimension in home elevators, accessible to everyone. SME D Bank fills potential, strengthens, expands production capacity.


In the past, if we talked about installing an elevator in a residential home. It would probably be limited to high-income groups. And it must be a large mansion. But with the capabilities of Thai startups, Flink One Company Limited has created an innovative home elevator named “Ximplex” that is convenient, safe, easy to install, and most importantly, cost-saving. Answers the need to make it easier to access the use of home elevators, including being in line with Thai society entering the Elderly Society era.



Sorn Yaowapongsiri, executive of Flink One Company Limited, recalls his inspiration. It happened when I was a teenager who came to live with my aunt in a 3-story shophouse.  The aunt had health problems. There are serious difficulties in daily life, having to walk up and down the stairs every day. Makes me want to install an elevator in my home. But when searching for information, found Installing a home elevator at that time It  is very difficult and big. Including the price of the elevator, installation fees, electricity costs, including having to demolish and renovate the entire house structure. make that time Unable to install a home elevator



Due to graduation in engineering The family has long experience in the construction business. When to create your own business Sorn thought about solving the problem of home elevators. Including looking at the trend of Thailand entering an aging society. Therefore, we gathered together a team of engineers and technicians to research and develop home elevators. with ideology Want to make your home elevator as easy as possible? It can be installed in any home.

The home elevator of Flink One Co., Ltd. first entered the market in 2015 and has continued to develop its own innovations. Today, the new model is called “Ximplex”. The highlight is the All In One Servo home elevator system, powered internally. sling It is a small lift, 80 x 90 cm., able to support a weight of approximately 200 kilograms.  Takes only 3 days to install.  No shaft required. No need to drill holes in the ground and drive piles. Can be installed in new buildings. or a renovated house Lifespan of more than 20 years or more. Price including installation starts at 250,000 baht. Electricity is only 10 satang per time.



At present, the majority of customers are general residences, in addition to  home offices, small hotels, healthcare facilities, as well as groups of architects who order production to be installed in various construction projects, etc.

In the industry of elevator manufacturers, the market leaders are large foreign companies, but Flink One Genuine Thai startup can be reported as occurring and successfully standing in the market Young business owner points to key factors Production that meets international standards Guaranteed safety Consumers have confidence Coupled with excellent after-sales service, close supervision and quick maintenance. while if it is a foreign company If there is a problem Must import spare parts from abroad. It  results in wasting high costs. Plus it takes a very long time.



With a market that continues to grow Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand or SME D Bank by Chatuchak Branch Come in and help enhance your potential. With credit support to invest in machinery Help expand production capacity Supports the increasing needs of customers. In addition, it also provides additional support. Both business consulting Business matching recommendations and marketing promotion


Sorn stated that the future business plan is to bring the Ximplex model to expand the market through distributors throughout the country. It gives customers even wider access to home elevators.

“I believe in a sharing society. If  home elevators were more accessible to consumers,  everyone would have access to them, not just us who would benefit. But the benefits will be passed on to other parts. related Continuing a career Expand job creation and most importantly, create a happy society. ​Help the elderly live happily with their family members,” the young business owner concluded.







Flink One Company Limited
398 Senanikom Road 1, Lat Phrao Subdistrict, Lat Phrao District, Bangkok 10230
Telephone: 02-102-9258

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