‘Phuta’ raises the level of agricultural products, creating corn milk with a mellow flavor that appeals to the health conscious. SME D Bank joins with ‘Add capital for development partners’ to create connections to drive business growth.

Determination never gives up Even if you fall, you’re ready to get up and move forward. With SME D Bank, the bank for Thai SMEs. Partners are ready to side by side with the business, supporting “Top up capital for development partners”, taking them to access funding sources, ready to expand, creating a social network of SME entrepreneurs through the CEO Network project, helping to drive the “Phuta” business to the next level. Agricultural products come in the form of processed into “corn milk” with a unique formula that meets the needs of health-conscious customers. Support business to move forward in the market without interruption. and continues to grow



Mr. Khomdet Wuttisuk, Chairman of the Board of Phutawan Foods and Beverages Company Limited, producer and distributor of corn milk, brand “Phuta”, tells the history of the business that goes back to the beginning of the business. It’s called everything starting from zero. A former salaried worker, his income was not enough to cover his expenses. So he looked for a way to make an additional career at the same time. He admits that he tried a lot of trial and error for many years and still wasn’t successful until he came across “corn milk” that was sold at flea markets. It is considered a product that comes from agricultural raw materials. Decided to try it out. Improve raw materials Develop a formula that is pleasing to the consumer. Created as corn milk, the “Phuta” brand is growing today.



The highlight of “Phuta” corn milk is the attention to quality raw materials, combining 2 types of corn to create a unique corn milk. Both colors and natural scents It is only slightly sweetened, making the milk suitable for consumers of all genders and ages. From students to the elderly Can be easily drunk and has benefits Suitable for people who love health

“Before becoming corn milk, “Phuta” admits that it is not an easy task, but when looking back and thinking about the past, It is considered a beautiful thing. Because of what we have tried and failed to do in business. It helps us to be extremely mindful and cautious. Don’t invest more than you need. I remember well the day we bought a small blender. Let’s produce corn milk in the back of Mother’s house. With limited space causing us to not be able to produce much On sale at the Saturday-Sunday market By choosing to do it near the village. Received good feedback from customers. Coming back to buy again and spreading the word widely helps to dare to do business more seriously,” Mr. Khomdet tells of his business journey.



important turning point Make Khun Komdet have to choose Between working and becoming a full-fledged SME is “body and disease” from hard work, both full-time work and side jobs. It lasted for more than 3 years continuously, with more and more sleep deprivation, causing the body to begin to be unable to take it. Therefore decided to resign from active duty. Turned to running a full-time business. During the first year, sales continued to grow. Consumers know that there are a lot of orders.

But the business is doing well. Had to stop immediately from the COVID-19 situation. Major customers canceled orders. Small consumers shrank from the announcement of Work From Home. During that time, it was called a “crisis”. Their previous income immediately disappeared. As for the road and expenses that need to be taken care of especially employees Not only the 10 people hired, but we also consider the 10 families that need to be taken care of. and must survive make that moment Seeing opportunities in consumer-related products Therefore, salmon belly received from Mahachai is seasoned to make sun-dried salmon belly. Helps the company have another source of income.

In addition, there are business partners. The Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME) or SME D Bank is more than a “financial institution” ready to support SME entrepreneurs in moving forward with their businesses towards success. Because there are good projects such as creating opportunities for bank customers. Select products to sell through CP All’s various market channels, both offline and online. of 7-Eleven stores (7-11) across the country, which “Phuta” is one of the first entrepreneurs to apply to join and has been selected Makes today “Phuta” corn milk available all over the country. It is known by many consumers.

In addition, SME D Bank also invites you to join the CEO Network project for the year 2023, which brings together SME entrepreneurs as well as executives of many high-ranking public and private organizations to learn how to elevate their businesses. Helps broaden your business perspective. Makes it possible to learn marketing directions that meet the needs of consumers. Importantly, it helps build a network among SME entrepreneurs who participate in this project. Learning and exchanging experiences between each other occurred. Help the company expand its business Ready to learn how to do business from friends participating in the project, which will be used to adjust the business to grow more.

Mr. Khomdet also said that the support of SME D Bank in terms of capital. This gives us sufficient liquidity and working capital. It allows the company to purchase raw materials from farmers, or approximately 300 rai, giving them a career and income. Used for daily expenses in more than 40 households. The success is reflected in the company being selected to receive the best award of the year ‘THAILAND TOP SME AWARDS 2023’ in the Agricultural Business of the Year Award category. This  is a matter of great pride for us.

For future business plans Currently studying and developing additional new products to support future market needs, such as powdered corn milk ready to drink, including corn milk mixed with black sesame. Meet the needs of consumers It is expected to be available for sale. In the first quarter of 2024

“SM entrepreneurs are crap at starting a business. If we have an idea Must move forward and do business. You can consult with SME D Bank who is ready to give business advice. Just like me today I have come further than I thought. From being sold only at the flea market to distribution through convenience stores today,” Mr. Khomdet concluded.




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