SME D Bank joins forces with Thammasat University to delve into 3 important industries. Strengthen SMEs Be aware of the changes adapt to survive sustainable growth

Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand or SME D Bank by “SME Research and Information Center”  joins hands with Thammasat University by “Thammasat University Research and Consulting Institute” to integrate education. Insights into 3 key industries where there are many SME entrepreneurs Has high economic value And there are challenging factors that will significantly affect competitiveness, including: 1. The electric vehicle industry. To allow SME entrepreneurs in the automotive business to adapt during the transition period.  2. The content and soft power creator industry, such as series and series filmmakers, has recognized growth opportunities and trends in competition at the international level. International   and 3.   Tea, Coffee and Cocoa Cluster Beverage Industry   which is a vast market. At the same time, there is high competition from both SMEs and large operators.

The  study process will synthesize information from experts in each industry. Along with many related SME entrepreneurs coming to provide information and opinions. The results will lead to recommendations for SME entrepreneurs in the three aforementioned and related industries. In order to be aware of the situation Able to adapt to change Can be used to plan appropriate business management. help survive and continue to grow sustainably. At the same time, SME D Bank includes other related sectors. will be used to set guidelines for operations To better meet the needs of SME operators. For more information, Call Center 1357


News announcement on April 17, 2024

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